Friday · December 07, 2001 · 08:10 PM

Man, now that the stalking thing is over, I’m able to get much more work done! I’m ready for an official weekend!

Tonight I’m helping tape Bazaar Bizarre: A Punk Craft Fair. It’s really Victhuh’s production – I just thought I’d lend a hand with the camera. I’m glad he’s the one that will be stuck in the edit suite, polishing it up and getting it ready to air. I’ve got a bit of a backlog in the editing department…

After that I’m going to try and see Tootsie. They were on Cafe SCAT a couple months ago – they totally rock hard. Plus Beth (the bass player) said I had a huge cock. I’m 100% sure she said “you have a huge cock” not “You are a huge cock”. I offered to be their personal groomer, shave their legs and stuff. They turned me down since they’re always wearing leather pants. sigh