Internet Stalking for Dummies

Friday · December 07, 2001 · 05:23 PM

Excerpt from Chapter 3 – “Playing Nice”

Make the stalkee feel at home. Talk about things that they’re interested in. Scouring through a personal website is a good way of getting information on things they like. Digging through garbage and hacking video rental records are also useful (see Chapter 8 – “Gathering Intel”).

If they have a website, build one of your own. It’s considered flattering to emulate their style and color scheme. Some websites will have a list of favorite books and restaurants. You should copy those links directly into your website, changing the order slightly. This gives you the opportunity to remark on how similar your tastes are.

If they appear to like chocoloate, you should pretend to like chocolate – maybe even send them chocolates. But, remember – no matter how much they miss their old dog, you should never send dead animals (see Chapter 6 – “Court Orders are Only a Suggestion”).