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Monday · October 31, 2005 · 04:49 PM

I’ve been busy with video projects. First was taping of The Rock Candy Show, which went pretty well. Then this weekend huge – helped Michael out with his short film “Bachelor’s Cottage”.

It snowed Saturday, but I barely saw flurries as I went to the set at 8 o’clock. We’d taped the windows up Friday night (the play takes place at night, so we wanted to control the lighting). I didn’t see the snow until we went home – sometime after 11pm or so.

The film is a period piece, taking place in 1918. Harvard is perfect for this sort of thing, the buildings are large and the rooms still have a fairly authentic vibe. We covered up the “Emergency Exit” sign and fire alarm as best we could. The costumes were great (I took a few pictures, but the period lighting wasn’t condusive to digital cameras).

Next time we have an all-day shoot, it would be fun to incorporate a drinking game – every time a motorcycle revs next to the window drink a shot. Every time someone stands outside our closed door (the one with the “quiet, filming in progress sign”) and screams into their cell phone, drink a shot. Etc.

Now I’m off to do some pre-production on The Oh No Show, “Dance, Comedy, Music, and Technical Difficulty… all in one convenient location!”

I suppose I’m in charge of the technical difficulties…