Oh No!

Sunday · November 06, 2005 · 05:46 PM

Sorry folks, I’ve been busy getting the Oh No Show taped and haven’t posted this week. I watched two rehearsals to get an idea of what to expect and then taped the two performances.

It was a funny show. Even after watching the rehearsals, I laughed during the first taping and screwed up a couple shots. Combined with some technical issues (two cameras with different iris settings), that wasn’t a very good day for video.

The second show was also a little rough, they finally encountered the promised technical difficulties. There were some sound problems, including (but not limited to) a skipping CD player (dancing across the stage in a giant cardboard box will do that). Coincidently the video went fine. I’ll combine things from the two performances together and think the final DVD will be great.

I was a little mean to the people in the balcony – I was so worried about the video (since this was the last chance for me to get it right) that I wouldn’t let them sit too close to where Rich and I had the cameras placed. Since we were in the front row, people had to sit further back. I didn’t laugh as much during this taping – wrangling the crowd, angst about doing a good, job and the audio problems killed a bit of the joy.

Jude playing “Temptation” still gave me goosebumps, though…