Not the "Doink Doink" show...

Wednesday · November 09, 2005 · 01:26 PM

In the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups…

Anyone else feel like NCIS has jumped the shark? It feels like they’re struggling this season to clean up the mess left by the poor cliffhanger of last season. The writing has become uneven and the characters are stick figures. They’ve become such caricatures of themselves that I’ve invented a drinking game.

  • Every time DiNozzo calls a woman “toots”, “sweetheart”, etc or if he calls a guy “probie” do a shot.
  • Every time Gibbs does a head smack, do a shot. Two shots if he smacks Abby.
  • When Gibbs drinks a sip of coffee, do a shot.
  • Whenever Gibbs is confused by technology more advanced than a coffee maker, do a shot.

Drink a full flask if:

  • You ever see Gibbs actually make coffee at the office.
  • Abby orders something from The Gap because “she needs more plaid in her life”.
  • Every time a ghost dresses like a Matrix character and flips over a desk, drink up.

I think you get the idea…