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Quite a pear.

Monday · November 14, 2005 · 01:47 PM

I’ve neglected to keep you up to date, for that I apologize. Every day I have several “that would be funny to put on my site” moments, but usually get distracted by something shiny when I get home and forget all about… Wow, you should see how this glass of water magnifies the little colored dots on my monitor!

The image on the right (for example) has been sitting on my harddrive forever (well, technically not “forever”, since it’s from September). You get the point, though.

One of the things I’ve been meaning to tell you about is Spamalot. Actually, not “tell” you about Spamalot, for surely you’ve heard of it? If not, you should stop reading this, delete the bookmark to my site, format your harddrive, and set fire to your cat. Not necessarily in that order. Go.

Dad took me to the play as a birthday present – my birthday was in April (did you even bother to send a card?). When he bought the tickets, the didn’t have any good seats for my birthday weekend (and speaking of coincidences, it looks like Spamalot will be in Boston for my next birthday). Anyway, he wanted good seats, they weren’t available until October, etc.

So we’re sitting in the front row, which is close enough to see that David Hyde Pierce trims his nose hairs (perhaps even uses Nair – his nostrils are quite smooth). It’s close enough that you can see spittle specks flying from Tim Curry when he’s being taunted by the Frenchmen. In fact, it’s so close that during the Lancelot “coming out” dance sequence, a piece of fruit could fly off of one of the Carmen Miranda headpieces, skid across the stage, and land in your lap.

Truly a great show. Well, except for the being pelted by fruit part.