Sorry, those steaks are too high.

Friday · November 25, 2005 · 04:23 PM

You might be surprised to find that I ate filet mignon for lunch, since (as I’ve proven) steak’s almost as good as gruel. It’s also better than fish sticks, but not quite as yummy as a grilled cheese sandwich. I got a bunch of nice stuff from the Omaha Steaks place and really enjoy it. I have a hard time avoiding their offer for free stuff, like buy some steaks and get steak knives, or hamburgers, or cottage cheese. As I’ve said over and over – if it’s free, it’s for me.

The filet mignon is wrapped with bacon, which I find odd – who decided that was a good idea? I looked around on their site for the “beef, wrapped with pork, wrapped with turkey” (sort of a turducken thing) but had no luck. One thing that’s interesting, the bacon is held on by a handy metal toothpick. These guys really think of everything.

The weird thing about cooking something this thick on the George Forman grill is that it cooks on one side and you have to rotate it 180 degrees to get it cooked properly. I can imagine a bunch of people wondering why the heck Lee’s cooking filet mignon on the George Forman grill.

Obviously the metal toothpick means I couldn’t use the microwave.