The word of the day is "Irony"...

Sunday · February 12, 2006 · 07:20 PM

There’s some debate over the over usage of the word “irony” versus the (usually) more appropriate “coincidence”.

The East Coast got hit with a huge snowstorm. Ironically, we can handle huge snow, it’s the little one that people seem to ignore that cause problems. This storm was announced several days ago, so the plows were revved up and ready to go and everyone marked their calendars, bought a weeks supply of provisions, etc. For some reason people don’t shovel if the snow is only an inch or so, causing it to get trampled into a thin sheet of ice.

I got hit with a huge cold last Thursday and spent a three-day weekend in bed. Ironically I started a new contract last week and had to call in sick for the first time in five years. The project is a nine-five thing and I have to commute to Central Square, so I’ll drag myself into the office tomorrow. I’d rather stay in bed and sleep.

Coincidently the anti-pop up software that I’m using has started popping up a page in my web browser to tell me that it’s expired.