Sometimes the truth hurts...

Tuesday · March 28, 2006 · 08:30 PM

You can’t tell from this site, but I sometimes get some small thing stuck in my head and it’ll be the punchline for a couple weeks. I run these into the ground and move on to the next silly thing. On this site these jokes work well, since I only type them in once.

In real life, they might be considered annoying. Sometimes I find someone that likes the joke, though. Even if it’s at their expense. For example, I was making up nicknames for a girlfriend and the joke started as marketing terms: “I’m going to call you ‘Cougar’ like the car, since you’re sleek and stylish”. It evolved into any “pair” of descriptions and eventually I said “I’m going to call you ‘bureau’ since you have small knobs and roomy drawers.”

For the record she enjoyed it all, it’s nice to have a relationship where you can joke around like that – one time I got her laughing so hard she actually fell off the floor. But that’s a story for another day.