Next stop, Davis Square!

Friday · June 02, 2006 · 09:12 AM

I ordered boxes on-line, something I did when I moved out of my condo – it’s much better than going to the liquor store and begging for empty boxes. And it’s much, much better than buying 20 cases of Jack Daniels and emptying them myself. I told my landlord that I’ll be out of my apartment before the end of May (she seemed sad and strangely nostalgic, by the way). For a while, I thought I might be living in a cardboard box behind CVS, but luckily things worked out (I consider this a good thing, but you can’t deny the convenience of being that close to a 24-hour drugstore).

It seems most of my life could be taped and broadcast on “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and moving certainly is no exception. The “tape gun”, while not technically a weapon, can certainly cause some harm. Next time I think I’m going to get a tetnus booster before moving, in fact anyone within a 100 yard radius of my packing should consider it as well.

More when I come up for air…