My balls are in the air.

Thursday · October 19, 2006 · 09:59 PM

I’m juggling a bunch of projects, so the updates have been infrequent. It looks like several seasons have come and gone without a serious update on what I’ve been doing. And now it’s getting cold. I can tell it’s Winter when my shampoo starts running thick, like something from the Vermont state quarter (my favorite state quarter, for those that are keeping track of such things).

An interesting thing about sham-poo (and I should remind you shouldn’t use “real-poo”) – I never realized how little it takes to wash a full head of hair until I got to the end of my last bottle. Suddenly a couple drops is fine, when the previous week I was using a handful. It reminds me of the day after getting my hair cut and overdoing the shampoo because I’m used to having more hair (and then trying to put the excess shampoo back in the bottle).