Wii Obtainment Strategy.

Thursday · November 23, 2006 · 10:42 AM

I feel pretty good that my WOS worked out. I went to MicroCenter, a neighborhood computer store, to get a Wii – they’ve always sold games, but now they have a fancy “Game Department” (TM’ed, oddly enough). I stopped by Saturday night to get the lay of the land and then showed up Sunday morning at 8:45 to wait in line (15 minutes later and I wouldn’t have gotten one, glad I didn’t hit the snooze button). One of the problems with MicroCenter is that they open late (11am on Sunday) so I ended up in line for a little over three hours.

They had 12 game systems (compared to the local BestBuy, which had 150), so the line was pretty manageable – no shootings or line cutters. The PS/3 launch reminded me a little of the Oklahoma land rush. The big problem was that they only had seven copies of Zelda (which my Dad pre-ordered me for Christmas of last year – it’s been delayed for the past 14 months). Luckily when I was checking out (sans-Zelda) the guy in front of me decided his son didn’t need all five Wii games and decided to return the Zelda. I lunged over it and grabbed the game for myownself!

But it’s all worth it – I now have a Wii! And I bought Super Monkey Ball, which is pretty much the best game title ever. The only way I could be amused more is if the title also had the word “ninja”. Or “robot”. Or maybe “pirate”.

In a somewhat related story, today is the first day I haven’t gone to work in three weeks (when I took off a Saturday to do laundry). I’m taking off this Tuesday as well (more laundry), but we’ve got some aggressive deadlines to meet. I’m spending the day seeing the family, eating turkey, and all that fun.

The sad thing is my Wii has been neglected, I haven’t even unwrapped the games…