Happy Evacuation Day!

Monday · March 19, 2007 · 10:47 AM

Well, technically it was Friday, I’m running a little behind (speaking of “little behinds”, did I tell you the one about…) Anyway, we celebrate the day that the British lifted the siege on Boston. Eighteen months of battles and strife, then freedom on March 17, 1776. It happens to coincide with St Patrick’s Day and is mostly “celebrated” the day after St Patrick’s. It’s a union thing – city workers get the day off, I suspect to nurse hangovers.

And it always messes with my ability to take the trash out – I forget the holiday and take the trash out a day early. That’s now a big thing, since I live in Cambridge, where we have to have a garbage can (no bags) with a tight fitting lid and the trash can’t be put out until after 6pm the night before garbage collection.

Their strict rules remind me of Brooklyn – they go through your garbage and you can get a ticket if you throw away something that’s supposed to be recycled. Since most of the buildings are apartments, the landlord has to pay the ticket.

Er, not that I’d personally know about such things…