Partying like a Kennedy.

Saturday · June 23, 2007 · 12:29 PM

I had a great time Thursday having dinner at the Plough and Stars and watching AKACOD, a group started by the sax player from Morphine. They pretty much sound like Morphine as you’d expect, it’s the same setup – sax, drummer, and bass (I suppose they figured they had a working line-up, why tamper with it?). I went to the show with a handful of friends and had a good time, I really dig their sound.

But enough about them, this site’s really all about me.

The problem was that I had too much beer. I often say that I’m a lightweight and that a 6 year-old can out drink me (not that I endorse giving drinks to a 6 year-old). So I usually keep it to a couple beers. As in two. Well I had double that and had some troubles the next day – the world seemed decidedly fuzzy.

My point is, if I wake up hungover and I was with you the previous night, then I may fire you as a friend. So add that to the list of things to avoid, right ahead of “ordering a Greek olive salad and picking out the olives”.