10 Things I Learned in 2007.

Wednesday · January 23, 2008 · 09:30 AM

Well, it’s the end of 2007 (play along, it was at one point and it’s still a new year as long as I keep forgetting to write “2008” on checks) and everyone is making their end-of-year lists. So here you go, a list of things I learned during 2007:

1) If you call it a noise, you shouldn’t be making it.

2) I don’t know Vera Wang from Vera Bradley, but those quilted bags sure are popular.

3) No stone throwing, regardless of your housing situation.

4) There’s a big difference between pilates and pirates – read carefully before you make assumptions about a woman’s hobbies.

5) Nothing is better than three monkeys in drag!

6) I must vote “Gail Lemily Wiggins for Cambridge School Committee”. Aside from me having a mother named “Gail” and the made up name “Lemily”, her last name is right out of The Simpsons. The woman sounds like she could be a character from Harry Potter and the Bureaucratic Nightmare.

7) Making fun of other people that may Google your site and send a nastygram is never a good idea.

8) There are no sitcoms about cheese. We had The Munsters and it was cheesy, but the show technically wasn’t about cheese.

9) I rarely have enough time, which means I rarely finish projects