Shampoo fascinates me.

Wednesday · January 30, 2008 · 03:32 PM

And not just because it sounds like the French word for “fake poo”.

I’m still not sure why I can’t use a bar of soap to wash my hair. Or dishwashing detergent, it all seems pretty interchangeable. And it’s weird how little I really need, but how much I use. When I get to the end of the bottle, a couple drops seems to do just fine.

I mention shampoo because I just got a haircut and the first shower after a haircut, I fill my palm with shampoo then remember that I only need half that amount and try to pour it back into the bottle. I mention the haircut because I just got one for my new trip – I’m leaving this weekend to go to St Kitts!

So I have a ton of sunblock and a laptop packed an ready to go. I even bought a new camcorder to tape some scenes for my NEW SPECIAL SUPER-SECRET PROJECT.

You know what’s not going to St Kitts with me? My Tamagotchi, the little weasel up and died on me. Just to prove I would be an un-fit parent, I suppose. I swear I was feeding him and keeping him happy, suddenly he’s got angel wings. At first I thought that was a good thing, but nope.

For now, I’m going to stick with owning a kitten