Music for the Massive.

Tuesday · April 01, 2008 · 10:48 AM

Wow, it’s been a busy couple weeks, filled with all sorts of live music and shows. I just saw the Eels, who were simply amazing. E and The Chet are seriously talented musicians and I was happy they didn’t play “Beautiful Freak”, their big hit. I half expected it on their second encore, but it didn’t happen.

Speaking of talented musicians, Tony stunned me at his album release party. His next gig is Friday, May 2, 2008 in Hartford, Connecticut and you’d be a first-rate fool to miss it. Tony’s a fantastic performer, in fact the entire band was excellent.

At some point I also got a chance to see Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish which was a complete blast, the Avenue Q musical, and there was some Jazz brunch at SkipJacks

So much going on – I’ll be in New York for the weekend, some new computer gear is arriving for my next project, and I need to return the pink bunny suit.

Oh, and have you seen the First featured video on YouTube?