Qualifying Heat

Monday · May 12, 2008 · 09:30 PM

Statistically speaking, if you have more than 16 friends (and I hope you do) then two of your friends will have the same name. If you’re like me, then you start to qualify the names so you can tell which “Paul” you’re talking about, so we have “Paul from back home” and “Paul with the white shoes”. Everything makes total sense that way.

When Vanessa said “Pam from the office” the other day, I was confused because I didn’t know she worked with a Pam. Well, she meant the TV show “The Office”, so suddenly we’re qualifying people as “Michael from the office” or “Michael from the TV show The Office”. Then I wanted to talk about a character from the original version of The Office and suddenly I’m saying Chris, the guy from the British version of The Office

When “John that I worked with” suggested collapsing proper pronouns and calling everyone (including his wife) “Chuck”, people thought he was nuts.

I’m not so sure any more…