Stamp out the Post Office!

Monday · May 26, 2008 · 10:53 PM

I’m tired of buying stamps. It’s not really stamps that annoy me. Or the buying of them, actually. Except I have to buy stamps to make my stamps usable, so called “makeup rate” stamps.

Around Christmas of 2005. I bought a roll of a hundred stamps, thinking “I won’t have to buy stamps for years!” A couple weeks later, the rate jumped two cents. You’d think that the woman would have warned me about the rate increase when I bought a ridiculous quantity of stamps. Or maybe I just looked like a savvy stamp user (I’m not, clearly). I had to buy 100 two-cent stamps (they wouldn’t sell me 97 of them). Now the rate’s gone up again, so I had to buy 36 one-cent stamps (because they get mad if you tape actual pennies to your mail).

I’m writing an irate letter to the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee, this is a seriously annoying practice. I can’t use my stamps fast enough. Yes, I know about the forever stamp, but it doesn’t make sense to purchase them until I use up the drawerful of stamps I’ve accumulated. Of course using three per bill payment is going to help, I’m getting rid of six stamps a month.

I plan on putting the complaint letter in the smallest envelope I can find and affixing 21 two-cent stamps.