3D or not 3D, that is the question...

Monday · February 02, 2009 · 02:31 PM

I had more like that, using Shakespeare in a punny way that was filled with clever stuff and magic. But then there was the great computer crash of Monday Morning and it’s all gone.

Basically, I was ranting about how hard it was to find 3D glasses and how stupid the 3D Sobe ad was. Seriously, how does a company spend so much money on an ad and get it so wrong? Football players dancing was a little funny, but then one player forgets his steps and then flies (FLIES?!) off stage and things go very, very wrong. And I mean “wrong” as in “the guy that wrote that ad should get a spork to the neck”.

While I’m ranting. Why did they change the color of the lenses? To help people that are red/green colorblind? Because it’s cheaper to make the glasses? So my Marvin the Martian in 3D glasses wouldn’t work?

I’m praying that 3D Chuck has less suck.