The girl's out of town!

Wednesday · February 04, 2009 · 10:08 AM

I have a four-day weekend – I’ll be home alone without adult supervision. You’re probably thinking it’s time for hookers and cheap booze, but I’m so bored of that scene that I can spit.

Okay, I cleaned up the spit.

Now on to the real festivities – video games and a Brian Eno CD. I’ve been hearing a lot about Left 4 Dead, from random folks (some of which need to update their website said the pot[*]). I don’t think I’ll get involved in the on-line aspect of L4D, but we’ll see. Might need to see if Joe’s around.

The big thing I’m doing is writing some dialog for my second script.

[*] Note that “pot” isn’t a drug references – it’s a “pot calling the kettle” reference. And in related news, T-Shirt Hell is going away.