Done with the whining.

Friday · April 10, 2009 · 12:02 PM

I saw the two episodes of The Office last night. I wrote some similar plot lines, which you’d sort of expect since their script and mine followed the same character/story arc from the March 26th episode. I think mine is so much more funny that I think I’ll still enter it.

Plan B is to write a new episode of The Office, but the deadline is in a week or so. It’ll be pretty tight (that’s what she said). I’m away this weekend and will figure things out.

Oh. And woot! I got an email! (And I didn’t even know my contact form was working.)

A “regular reader” asked how I picked the three scripts that I wrote. My process wasn’t very scientific, I sort of stumbled into this.

If you draw a line from CSI to The Office, there is a group of shows in the middle that combine “police procedural” (term ganked from Kung Fu Monkey) and “zany humor”. That’s the sort of thing I like writing.

Straight up police procedural writing isn’t as exciting to me, I want humor – like Psych, which combines the “detectiving” with a quirky sense of humor.

Okay maybe it was a little scientific, but overall I should have thought things through a little more. My biggest piece of advice – don’t write an episode that fits into the existing timeline of a show.