Friday · April 24, 2009 · 08:47 AM

Lost had another recap this week, which fills me with rage – it’s a punishment for people that watch the show regularly. The networks need to figure out how to have involved story lines. Right now it’s hard for a new viewer to start watching a show, since there’s so much “previously on” history that needs to be watched (which is different from “backstory”, which isn’t required viewing to understand the current episode).

I was watching the pilot for a cop show last week (got the DVD from the library). The main cop was a grizzled veteran, his rookie partner had been killed in the line of duty and this was his last day on the force. He had a new rookie to break in, a 23 year-old kid that was eager to prove himself. The first day they’re together they have a high speed chase to catch some liquor store robbers and have to save an infant that almost suffocates on a plastic dry cleaner bag (it was touching – the new cop went to tell the parents that the baby wasn’t going to make it, just as the veteran officer saved the baby).

It was pretty involved, not something you’d expect from Adam-12, a show that was produced in 1968. We really haven’t evolved TV as far as people think. I mean it’s 40 years later and this episode was in line with what you’d see on a modern show. The big thing that’s changed in the past 40 years is the hairstyles.

In other TV news, I’ve added a bunch of DVDs to my Amazon wishlist. Including classics like The Fall Guy and The A-Team. I love those old shows (look it’s 40 minutes into the show, time for B.A. to get out his welding torch). I love it when a plan comes together…

I figured I’d update my wishlist since my birthday is next week…