Terminated discussion.

Wednesday · June 24, 2009 · 11:50 AM

Okay, I finally saw the last episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The last episode ever, I think – it’s been canceled. Stop pouting, it was a double-tap to the head mercy killing.

Although. Given my previous post about the program, you might be surprised to hear that I’m a little sad the show isn’t being renewed. I think it evolved in an interesting way at the end (quickly evolved, the last three episodes of season two seemed rushed). Were the writers itching for a reboot of the series, maybe to try and save the show?

They hinted at a big change in John Connor’s situation and hopefully season three would be the one where he’d man up. I mean, losing that emo haircut was a good start, but I kept expecting him to start hitting robots with his purse.

I’m a little sad about the show being canceled, because the possibilities that they hinted at. In terms of having intel and being in a superior position, John knows both the past and the future of the people he’s going to be fighting with. Nice. They’ve also upgraded his “protector” to the newer, polymimetic [note to self, add that to spellchecker] liquid metal alloy model – I can only imagine the danger would increase accordingly (and the show budget).

I wonder if the third season would bounce between the two time periods a little more so we could see John’s story as well as his mother’s (the show is hers, after all). It would be interesting (until they figure out a way to communicate) and I really liked the fact that Cameron was defective and the constant conflict between Cameron and Mom/Derek. Giving her an incredible amount of power and putting her on the fritz was a good combination. Reminds me of my cell phone.