When technology fails you.

Friday · July 10, 2009 · 12:40 PM

Part, the First.

I love my iPod Touch. Mostly I use it as a music player, I never really downloaded many games. Er, I mean apps. Anyway, it’s been great. Until it died. Now I get a purple screen telling me to plug it into iTunes. I tried recovery mode and everything else, but it’s dead, Jim. I’ll take it to the “Genius Bar” over the weekend and see what they recommend, maybe I can find a table with one short leg and keep it level.

Part, the Second.

One of my fatal character flaws (an arc I’m working on) is that I like to print out my scripts on real paper and proofread them sitting on the couch with jazz playing and a pot of coffee. I’ll read through things on-screen, but going through the script with a red pen is so much more useful and comfortable. My chair (and my butt) doesn’t have enough padding. Anyway, I ran out of toner on my ten year-old laser printer and bought a new toner cartridge from Staples – $130. Then I saw a sale on a laser printer at CostCo – it’s 3x faster printing, double-sided printing, etc, etc. It’s $15 less than the toner cartridge I bought. On the way to the Apple store, I’m returning the toner cartridge.

Part, the Third.

Between video editing and trying to keep my entire CD collection handy, etc, I have a lot of data. I keep most of the important stuff on a redundant RAID box, but I have a little networked box that I store data on. Mostly stuff that I need to share between my different machines. For some reason, it’s not happy when I copy large files to it over my LAN, there’s some wacky timeout issue. So I have to FTP the files over the Internet.

UPDATE: Ten minutes after posting this, the power button for my monitor fell off.