Oh, beer-thirty!

Tuesday · September 01, 2009 · 11:42 AM

Any long-time reader probably remembers the disaster that’s been my beer brewing. And they may question my sanity, since I keep making beer. Oops, I’ve done it again.

The first time I made beer it was all hardcore, off the bunny slopes, brewing. From grinding the grain to only using natural carbonation, I did everything the most difficult (and messy) way possible. It was time consuming, probably taking fifteen hours of my time to sanitize, brew, clean up, sanitize, bottle, cleanup. The first batch of beer was almost $3 a bottle, since I had to buy all the gear and ingredients.

Dave and I made a batch a couple years back and it went bad. I’m not sure what went wrong, we used the exact same recipe that I’d used before and followed it exactly. I blame his cat. We poured the first two pints and started to toast, I said “here’s to some cold filtered…” Before I could finish Dave took the first sip and said “filtered through someone’s ass!” Coincidentally, that’s the last batch I made.

I’ve tried a few other methods over the years and now I think I’ve found the easiest way (technically the second easiest way – buying a six pack comes in first). I’m using IncrediBrew a shop in New Hampshire that has everything you need to make beer. Last week, I went with Dave and John. We picked out a beer, got the ingredients, and then spent two hours brewing up two batches of beer.

We go back in a week to bottle the beer and bring home 216 happy-inducing pints of fresh beer (half “Jolly Rogers IPA” and half “Fat Tyre” ale). All for $140.

So, to recap. Making beer at home takes a lot of time, is expensive, causes a huge mess, and can come out nasty. Brewing at IncrediBrew? None of that.

I’m already picking out the next batch I’m going to make at IncrediBrew…