Mega-busy, mega-sorry.

Monday · September 14, 2009 · 12:02 PM

In two days I’m heading to Sundance to a screenwriter’s thing. On top of doing regular “day job” type work, I’ve been organizing, planning, and coordinating. The sort of stuff that I’d love to have trained chimps take care of.

One big issue is eating once I get there, since I won’t have a car and it could get expensive dining at the resort every night. I’ve decided to pack a spiral-cut honey-baked ham and a loaf of bread. That and coffee is all I need. And this paddle game.

A ton of small thing pile up to make it a complicated trip. I have to install FinalDraft on my laptop, which is a work machine and I hate to “waste” a license on a machine I’m not keeping. I need to research removing the license so I can use it on another machine, I’d hate to have to buy another copy of the software.

There’s getting to/from airports to figure out. To save money, I picked the worst possible schedule. I arrive in Salt Lake City around midnight and then have a red eye on the return trip. This means that my flights are at all sorts of awkward times for begging rides, I’ll end up taking the train to the airport. On the return flight, I might end up walking home.

The refrigerator shut off on Friday. Weirdest thing. When you open the door, the light worked (not sure if it works when the door is closed). It just wasn’t keeping things cool, which is pretty much the primary requirement for a refrigerator. I poked the digital panel on the front and it started back up again. Weird.

Anyway, I’m spending the day at home, waiting for the repairman. Not that it’s broken, per se, but who knows when it’ll randomly shut off again. I mention all of this because I’m sitting at home and not taking care of the seven errands than need to be done. That ham isn’t going to buy itself!

And all of this going on while prepping for another trip next week. And a third trip.

So, yeah. Mega-busy.