Top ways the Sundance Resort is like camp.

Friday · September 18, 2009 · 03:35 AM

Okay, it’s very late. I wanted to post a quick something about my stay in Sundance, but nothing exciting has happened yet. I showed up, unpacked some stuff, and went to a reception.

See, not very exciting.

I updated my Facebook status “Lee Stewart is at his cabin in Sundance. It’s like going away to camp, but with more coffee.” To clarify, there aren’t bunk beds and we’re not making lanyards. But there are a few ways that this place reminds me of camp, here’s the top five.

5) Hiking from one place to another can get you lost and eaten by a bear or puma. Maybe.

4) Rustic, rustic everywhere. From the splinter-filled doorjambs to the furniture made out of reclaimed wood (try using your mouse on this table!)

3) No air conditioning. I asked about it, they suggested I open a window. Pretty much the same response you’d get at camp.

2) Bathroom light switches are outside the bathroom. Perfect for flicking off when someone’s in the middle of their business.

And the number one way that the Sundance Resort is like camp?

1) Jason Voorheese is sleeping under the bed.

Okay, now it’s quite late and I must sleep.

Except now all I can think of is Jason…