Wednesday · September 23, 2009 · 01:04 PM

All sorts of excitement and I’ve been so crazy busy that I haven’t been able to keep you in the loop.

Just got back from Sundance, where I met some interesting writers and had a good time getting my work pulled apart (I imagine it’s the sort of experience that professional TV writers go through). Sitting in a room by yourself is a great way to be productive, but bouncing ideas off people is fantastic. I never thought about it, but working as part of a writing team would be cool. Except I’d have to wear pants when I write.

Tomorrow I leave for the Tenth Annual Moondance Film Festival. I won both the “TV Episodic One Hour” (for Psych) and “TV Episodic Half Hour” (for The Office) categories! I’m not sure what my goal is, but it seems like the next step is to get an agent to help me get paid writing jobs and/or sell my scripts for me.

My stoner comedy is getting some great reviews from the friends that have read it. At Sundance I sat next to someone while they went through the first fifteen pages. It was a blast to hear her giggling at all the right places. The script has gathered momentum all by itself and I’m suddenly scrambling to put together meetings in LA.

More on that when I have things set up, I don’t want to jinx it.