Friday · October 02, 2009 · 06:17 PM

I’ve been getting questions on Facebook about the scripts I wrote. I thought I’d address some things here.

First off, I wrote three “spec” scripts for existing TV shows. These have absolutely no value, they’re not going to be produced, and you’ll never get a chance to enjoy them. That’s the nature of TV spec scripts – you create them as writing samples.

I think they’re pretty strong writing samples, they shows that I can write for one-hour “procedurals” and they also show that I have a strong grasp on comedy writing. They also show that I don’t know what I’m doing.

The first thing I did wrong was pick some random shows to write. If I’d done a little research, I would have picked different shows. After talking with people at the awards ceremony, I learned the following:

1) CSI is over done. It’s been on the air so long that there are a ton of spec scripts and people are tired of reading them. Add the cast upheaval this season and some people think I made up some of the characters.

2) The Office script should not have continued a storyline. When Michael left to start his own paper company, I looked at the TV Guide and thought the show was on Summer break. Sadly, they only skipped a week and by the time I’d written my episode, the show was back on the air – continuing the same story I’d continued.

3) Psych isn’t well known. When someone familiar with the show reads my script, they love it. If they don’t know the show, then the script seems a little random. I get comments like “what’s with the flashback at the beginning” and “Gus doesn’t sound like a police officer, you should review his dialog”.

Luckily I didn’t have time to write an episode of Monk, which would have been a bad idea since this is the last season of the show. People don’t seem to like reading shows that aren’t on the air any more.