Time Check

Monday · March 30, 2009 · 04:03 PM

A Galaxy of Dreams mentioned a time travel prompt at the One Minute Writer.

I’m totally up for a challenge, here’s what I came up with in a minute.

Fade to:

EXt. New york city street - night

The barest sliver of a moon peeks through an overcast sky. The street is black and glossy, the apartment buildings still drip from a recent downpour.

A police cruiser is parked at the curb, lights flashing.

int. apartment building - hallway

PATROLMAN ABRAM MARIANO is tall, slender, and Hispanic - wearing an official rain slicker and plastic protected hat. He's standing at the door to an apartment.

DETECTIVE MARK ADAMS is attractive, self confident, and dripping wet. He's wearing civilian clothes and is dressed smartly. He walks up to join the patrolman.


I was walking down Seventh Avenue and heard about a domestic disturbance.


Days like this I'm glad I'm no longer a beat cop.


There are better days to be walking around the city.


I got up here and found this, called it in.

There's a four inch hole in the middle of the door, the wood is splintered inward.

adams (O.S.)

Doesn't look like a bullet hole, what do you think made that?


I haven't a clue. And who ever's inside isn't talking.


(loudly to door)

This is Police Detective Adams. Can you open up?

Nothing happens, the two cops look at each other.


(loudly in Spanish)

This is the police, can you talk with us?

Three doors down, an apartment opens as far as the security chain allows. An eye looks out at the scene.

Adams turns to the opened door, steps around Mariano.



The eye sees Adams, surprised, and slams the door closed.


They don't seem to like strangers.


Or cops.

(looks at door)

I think that hole gives us grounds for entering the premises.

He tries the doorknob, the door opens. The two exchange a look and draw their weapons.

int. apartment building - apartment living room

The apartment is cramped, but well kept. Adams steps through the open door.


Hello? This is Police Detective Adams. Is anyone here?

Adams walks around the living room, Mariano joins him.


(in Spanish)

This is the police, anyone here?

A noise from the bedoom gets both of their attention. They stand still, straining to hear.

Crying. Muffled crying.

Mariano is closest, he steps over to the bedroom entrance.

int. apartment building - apartment bedroom

Mariano steps in, gun still drawn.

A double bed sits along one wall, a few pieces of well-worn furniture against the others.

On the bed is a man, or what's left of him. Large bloody chunks soak the bedspread.

A woman is sitting on the floor, head down sobbing.



She looks up at his voice and starts rattling off Spanish at a mile a minute.

Adams (O.S.)

Things okay in there?

Adams walks in the door.

The woman goes mental.

She screams, tries to slide sideways behind the bed.

Mariano holsters his gun and steps over to her making calming sounds.

Adams is staring at the bed.


What the hell?!

The woman yells in Spanish. Mariano continues to try and comfort her.


Who killed this guy?

The officer repeats the question to the woman in Spanish. She repsonds.

Mariano looks up at Adams.


She says you killed him.